Megan Butz Legacy of Hope

Grant Application

At the Megan Butz Legacy of Hope, our mission is to strengthen the lives of at-risk youth and young adults so they may navigate the path to adulthood via mental health programming and support. We will support programs that tackle tough issues like depression, anxiety, mental health and suicide.

Our inaugural grant cycle closed on December 31, 2023. Grantees will be awarded in Q1 2024 and announcements made soon after.

For the next grant cycle later in 2024, we are open to reviewing grants from organizations in the Greater Chicago area and do not have organization size or dollar amount restrictions for this cycle. The following parameters will apply:

  • Must be services aimed specifically at mental health support for anxiety, depression, and suicide prevention for youth through young adults.
  • Must be a community, state or federal based organization with 501c3 status
  • Will be available for phone or on-site interviews as necessary during grant review period.
  • Will have a detailed plan for how to disperse funds within a 12-month timeframe following grant disbursement. (The timeline of completion for related projects within the grant can reach up to 2 years following grant disbursement.)

Grant Program Information

Please send a pdf document or presentation with the specifics of the program that you are looking to create or fund with a grant from Meg’s Legacy of Hope. Information to include:

  • Name and purpose of program (including organization information)
  • Organization Mission/Values
  • Grant amount requested
  • Complete financial breakdown of program (including any other funding sources used or being requested for program)
  • Key personnel involved in program
  • Length of program (and any associated sub-projects relevant to funding)
  • Audience to be served, plus demographics and expected outcomes
  • Key metrics and measurement mechanisms for program
  • Additional relevant ongoing factors that will accelerate/inhibit program growth and effectiveness

For questions on application process, please email [email protected]


Information and deadlines for 2024 grant applications will be posted here. You can send any questions or submit your grant request by emailing us at  [email protected]