Megan’s spirit lives on with all of us who are passionate about helping others.

Megan believed in volunteering, community involvement, and the power of a smile. In high school and college, she coached sixth grade girls, taught religious education for third graders, and participated in teen mission trips. As a young professional, she was active in Big Brother Big Sister, Boys and Girls Club, and Dallas Pets Alive.

Megan always chose to help children, and we carry on that mission in her honor. Together we can create hope.




September 26, 1993 – January 21, 2020

Some events are so life-altering that they mark a new sense of time- they create a “before” and an “after.”

January of 2020 changed our world with the loss of our beloved daughter and sister, Megan. That year we created her original legacy fund within another organization, and focused on youth aging out of the foster care system.

In June, 2023 we established the Megan Butz Legacy of Hope nonprofit organization to assist at-risk youth and young adults to live mentally healthy lives. Together we have the power to help others by creating hope- and in doing so we keep Meg’s spirit alive.


Larry, Mary Jo, Sophie and Grace Butz

The Logo

What is the Meaning?

Death naturally brings despair and grief. In the early months of mourning we felt challenged to choose to live in the light or stay in the dark. The family found inspiration through our faith to search for hope in the darkness so we could begin to live again.

The lotus flower is a symbol for Meg’s Legacy. People admire the lotus for its ability to thrive in challenging environments, and it also represents the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Lotus flowers commonly symbolize strength and perseverance to overcome the adversities we face. The lush lotus blossoms are simply gorgeous, yet they are rooted in mud and grow in murky, swampy water. As the delicate flower emerges, we’re reminded that beauty is possible even in the dark.